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Techno Services LLC

Techno Offerings LLC, located in Princeton Junction, N. L., is an information technology alternatives company. It is software products and services involve enterprise alternatives, web-based timesheet, and Ezee Insurance. This company also offers supply chain and e-commerce alternatives. That leverages best-in-class IT routines to create organization value. Which has a global presence, Techno Solutions LLC has helped corporations improve productivity, quality, as well as the bottom line.

K12 Techno Solutions Pvt. Limited. is one of the leading education service providers in India. Their powerful suite of services and academic support for academic institutions allows schools to attain their full potential. The education industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. K12 Techno Products is at the forefront of the transformation. Simply by partnering with leading educational institutions, they are able to offer students with world-class education while guaranteeing the success of their very own students. Using a team of highly qualified workers, K12 Techno Expertise Pvt. Limited. is well-positioned to remain a pioneer in the education market.